Multimedia plans for Edgy

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Sat Jun 3 18:53:07 UTC 2006

Ok this is why I believe that gtk-totem is an excellent choice. I have 
read all the negatives but let me explain some of the positives and 
disban some of the negatives. First Totem is no more bloated than any 
other video player that handles as many formats. Second Gxine is a joke 
and the gxine firefox plugin is an even bigger laugh. That thing isn't 
really a plugin its a patch! Totems firefox plugin works excellent. Also 
with the gstreamer backend Xubuntu won't have to be concerned with what 
video / audio codecs are supported since gstreamer is plugin based. Also 
if you have quite a few music files on your machine and your looking for 
a nice audio player with library support all of them use gstreamer. ( 
ex.: Quod Libet ) Ignoring gstreamer because you don't like totem will 
be a giant mistake for Xubuntu. Using or embracing gstreamer will also 
give encourage xfce developers to use gstreamer to enhance applications 
like xfburn which if they use gstreamer as a backend they will be able 
to implement audio cd burning much quicker or dvd burning much quicker. 
As for xfmedia? Why waste anymore time on it. Its got to go. Its 
terrible. It doesn't play radio streams. (at least easily) It doesn't 
play cd's, it doesn't have a library manager for music and it doesn't 
have a plugin for firefox. Totem and the firefox plugin plus gstreamer 
for backend operations for all types of video / audio programs just 
makes sense and would also releave some strain on developers as well.

daniele favara wrote:
> On 6/3/06, Gauvain Pocentek <gauvainpocentek at> wrote:
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>> Hi list,
>> I've seen that totem can be built without gnome libs (and it uses
>> debhelper, so multibuild is doable). It uses gstreamer, which I guess
>> is a good option for multimedia.
>> I'd like to get points of vue on a few aspects:
>> 1. Is it reasonable to include gstreamer in xubuntu?
>> 2. Is totem a good choice (I've never used it myself)?
>> 3. Other proposition(s) for multimedia?
> if that's possible ... i'd say it's just perfect.
> ubuntu is not that good on the multimedia field for all the reasons we
> know .. but xubuntu is even worst at the moment ...
> we'll need to get feedbacks and figure out better the xubuntu target
> .. but if it's as i think .. this should be one of the "high priority"
> xubuntu spec.
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