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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 10:07:45 UTC 2006

> well .. that's why i'm saying to split it :)

it is too much trouble right now. if upstream or debian packagers split it
fine, but we should not
spend time on this.

> on my todo list for a while, but not at the top :)
> can we help you on that ? ...  i mean you TODO list, maybe with some
> help you can go faster.

well the TODO list is roughly what is written down in the dapper progress
wiki page.
One good candidate from there which requires deb packaging skills is the
issue. The debian maintainer of gnumeric said he's willing to take pacthes
to build a gtk-only
version from the same source package.
Since gnumeric depends on libgoffice that package has to be modified too.
Both these have --disable-gnome
switches from upstream so it is just a matter of packaging, but not trivial
as the rules files are a bit complicated
and the relation of the gtk-only vs gnome enabled version of these packages
needs to be figured out. Whether
they can be installed along eachoter or not, and if the former how to name
the libraries. Messy stuff.
If we cannot solve this, then gnumeric will not be part of xubuntu-desktop
but probably shipped on the CD
along with gnome libraries.

Other help still packaging related is splitting python-gnome2 to be more
fine grained like the ruby bindings are. Right now if you need gnomevanvas
bindings (used by hwdb-client.py) it will still bring in all gnome libs
instead of just libgnomecanvas.
But this work would mean convincing Sebastien Bacher (seb128 - the ubuntu
gnome packager) and things which need convincing people always end up at the
bottom of my todo list as they incur a lot of waiting and sometimes needless
arguments. But feel free to try ;)

Other stuff is C coding related and directly helping xfce upstream
bugfixing, polish and missing bits to get 4.4 betas out the door already :).
Panel plugins for instance need to be ported but this is not a blocking task
as they can be done last once
the core xfce is settled.

I also intended to register under the xfce project in launchpad all the xfce
packages as products, so far only thunar is added.
This would mostly benefit rosetta translations and possibly bzr imports, but
upstream is not too enthusiastic about using rosetta so again this is not a
priority right now, as it is a bit tedious.

i was waitin that ChipX86 released the new version , notify-daemon was
> not really a good app as it was notification-deamon. now
> notification-daemon 0.3.2 is out and is really cool, something has
> been changed in the spec so i fixed that ... mainly it just works, but
> it still needs some tests for the rules parser. i'll write some docs
> about it as soon as those tests are over. Then i'll begin to code the
> frontend to configure it, maybe importing modules from
> hal-device-manager ... if they'll remove gnome deps .. if not i'll
> write something similar :).

the thing that worries me here that it is  new code and I don't see what it
fixes that cannot be done now
with ivman or by fixing ivman. It may be a better choice for dapper+1 but
right now I wouldn't want to risk.

what about xfce-galago ? ... i think it could improve the usability,
> there is a plugin for gaim that uses gnome-galago ... maybe it will
> not be used in dapper but for next release i'm pretty sure we'll see
> it in the ubuntu roadmap.

I'm not sure ubuntu/gnome supports galago, and we don't want to be ahead of
them ;)

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