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daniele favara danjele at
Mon Jan 9 22:48:59 UTC 2006

On 1/9/06, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> >
> > >
> > > The system menu definitely needs a reorganization it has way too many
> items
> > > especially the settings submenu.
> >
> > i totally agree, especially for xfce settings stuff (see NoDisplay=true)
> >
> > If i could have the "final" list of the applications that could go in
> > system menu i could start organising a table that could show how it
> > could look like, and then people could make their purposes.
> There's no final list of apps yet, but besides what's now installed  by
> xubuntu-desktop
> I think at least gnumeric and evince will be added.
> By places menu I mean something like gnome (and windows I think) has , a
> menu just like the system menu but
> with filesystem paths as entries (home, photos, music , trash, network) and
> launch thunar on them.
> But probably thunar won't handle trash and network yet in the upcoming
> release.

i trust thunar as you :). Maybe it will not fully working for xubuntu
release, but on the left side you have already ,


it could be added:

and if possible use the same code to make a plugin, i think the gtk
file selector can show the same that thunar showes, i think it could
be made ... maybe asking to xfce devels?

> > maybe i love esetroot because i don't really like xfdesktop4, and the
> > way it controls the root window.
>  which xfdesktop and what you don't like in particular? 4.2 4.4 or the one
> in ubuntu (they are different)

i tested the xfdesktop from breezy, and i'm going to test the one from
dapper, but it seems for example that it doesn't allow the user to use
desktop icons (idesk or xtdesktop)

> > i would see an app for networking that allow to configure:
> >
> > * dial up
> > * dhcp
> > * static ip
> > * pppoeconf like (as gnome-ppx)
> would be very nice. But dialup requires quite some work, more than ethernet
> config
> and there's the issue of winmodems. It is not accidental that even if a spec
> is around since
> warty it hasn't got implemented :)

> Such a tool should use  system-tools-backends as gnome-system-tools does.

yes i can understand, but when i connect i need to use pppoeconf, i
think ppx-gnome is the only frontend that can do the same.

Untill anotheer solution will exist the user would probably use
pppoeconf, that has a dialog frontend, gnome-ppx uses gtk.

It could even be used an "xfld-welcome" (xubuntu-welcome) app that
could help the user to :

* connect: dhcp | ppp | ....
* read doc
* configure xfce

and bla bla



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