Music player, Evince vs. xpdf, and 16 bit wallpaper

Michael Moore stuporglue at
Mon Jan 9 17:30:05 UTC 2006

Hi three things...

1) I'd like to propose a music player (CDs, ogg, mp3) for Xubuntu. Can
I just add it to the XubuntuProposedPackages wiki page under Proposed,
 or is there a more formal proposal method?

At first glance I'd propose xmms since it's small and light and
flexible. It's not as nice as some other players, but it's good and
can be made to play almost anything with the right plugin.

2) I noticed that Evince is the proposed PDF viewer. I realize that
Xpdf looks funny and old, but I find it more reliable at viewing PDFs
and have never had it crash on me. Evince doesn't refresh propperly
when scrolling and has crashed several times for me. Is this just me?

3) Some older graphics cards can't do 1024x800 at 24 bits but can at
16, or have better DPI or FPS with 16 bits. The default wallpaper gets
funny streaks at 1024x800 with 16 bits It only
seems to happen to the wallpaper. I'm not sure how to solve this, but
maybe we could make the wallpaper optimized for 16 bits?

Michael Moore
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