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daniele favara danjele at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 11:40:14 UTC 2006


while i was trying to figure out why my menu after i installed xubuntu
version of xfce .. i discovered that xfdesktop4 from debian needs to
be fixed.

in the rules file there is:

# Also change mozilla for sensible-browser for Debian
	for f in `pwd`/debian/xfdesktop4/etc/xdg/xfce4/desktop/menu.xml*; do \
	   	perl -0777 -i -pe 's/cmd="mozilla"/cmd="sensible-browser"/;
s/(<include type="system" style="simple" unique="true"\/>)/<menu
name="Xfce">$$1<\/menu>\n<separator\/>\n<include type="file"
src="menudefs.hook" \/>\n/' $$f; \

that means put xfce system menu as  Xfce submenu and uses instead Debian menu.

If you had a previous version of xfdesktop you should remove:


first of all a question ... isn't it possible to use an ubuntu pkge ?
maybe using cdbs ?

speaking with debian-xfce people i know they don't want to change it, 
and they want to use debian menu as primary one.

A solution could be to use dpatches ... for each xml file:

 - #32623 Thunar as default fm
 - Hide debian menu
 - Desktop Menu entry
 - Hide some separtors
 - Hide Settings as it's duplicated
 - Hide Xfce menu
 - Add system menu at level 1
 - Hide About Xfce -- use instead About Xubuntu

i was reading the thread that jani opened at xfce-devel, and i agree
with his idea of splitting the xfce menu, but if this is not done by
xfdesktop4, i would suggest to not use an xml file for that, each new
pkge installed will go in the main xfce menu.

i attached a possible menu.xml .. let me know what u think, when it'll
be fine you too i'll send patches for xfdesktop4.

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