sylpheed-claws in xubuntu-desktop

Colin Leroy colin at
Mon Feb 20 14:06:27 UTC 2006

On 20 Feb 2006 at 15h02, Jani Monoses wrote:


> As for claws: is it more stable and does it have a better security
> history than vanilla sylpheed?

Up to now, we've had the same security issues, about three little ones.
You can see them on
(Some of them are incorrectly labelled "From remote", for example the
LDIF importer one). Sylpheed-Claws is far from being the "Bleeding edge
branch of Sylpheed" of the old days, it's rock-stable now ;-)

> these are the two main issues in chosing one or the other, assuming
> they are about the same as far as resource consumption is concerned.

Yes, they are. Sylpheed-Claws is more versatile than plain Sylpheed,
with a few extra features like plugins, better IMAP implementation,
PGP/Inline support, and a bunch of other goodies. 
You can see most of them on
(this page would need cleaning-up, though, there are little details
that clutter the list).


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