sylpheed-claws in xubuntu-desktop

Colin Leroy colin at
Mon Feb 20 12:21:16 UTC 2006

On 20 Feb 2006 at 09h02, Reinhard Tartler wrote:


> This would have to go in ubuntu universe first. We are currently in
> UVF (upstream version freeze), so claws2 needs a excpetion first. [1]
> describes our process and what to do.

I uploaded the upstream ChangeLog diffs here:
(there are diffs for unpackaged external plugins, but I left them just
in case there are new plugins in debian...

Can I let the MOTUs handle the actual grabbing and packaging from
debian's packages? I don't know much about packaging and don't have
access to my Dapper box currently...

May I also update the XubuntuProposedPackages wiki page to point to
sylpheed-claws-gtk2 instead of sylpheed-claws?


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