sylpheed-claws in xubuntu-desktop

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Mon Feb 20 09:52:42 UTC 2006

Colin Leroy wrote:
> I read on that you have
> decided to use Sylpheed-Claws in Xubuntu... As a Sylpheed-Claws
> developer, you can guess I'm quite happy about that :-)
> However it seems the chosen package is sylpheed-claws (1.0.5-2), which
> is really old - and is in GTK1. Did you not choose sylpheed-claws-gtk2
> on purpose, or is it just an oversight?=20
> sylpheed-claws-gtk2 in Universe is currently at 1.9.100, but our latest
> release is 2.0.0, which hit the Debian repos this week-end. (I suppose
> it'll reach Dapper's universe soon).
> It works much better than the older gtk1 version, especially on IMAP
> accounts.=20

This would have to go in ubuntu universe first. We are currently in UVF
(upstream version freeze), so claws2 needs a excpetion first. [1]
describes our process and what to do.

Personally, I also feel that we should update claws2. 



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