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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 08:45:12 UTC 2006

> If xubuntu supports automatic actions for cameras .... maybe the image
> viewer should be the same as the app used to "import" photos, if
> xubuntu doesn't .... the image viewer can be whatever, and the user
> can install an app from the cd and hack the ivman config file if he
> wants such feature.

did not think much about cameras, but for image viewer we have gqview.
There's gtkcam
but I haven't used it. Of course gthumb will be installable from the repos
for those who
have cameras and need it. But the default xubuntu will emphasize small
footprint over
friendliness when there's a choice, since the latter is the primary focus of
gnome and kde.
The cost for lowend machines which will use xubuntu for basic tasks only,
which do not
really include cameras and playing video should be minimal. By basic tasks I
mean web,chat
and office things most frequently done in internet cafes, school classes,

Two Question ... will gimp be on the default install ? and ... is
> there a new xubuntu-desktop package somewhere ?

apt-get install xubuntu-desktop
or you mean something else?

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