ivman and xubuntu

daniele favara danjele at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 13:34:20 UTC 2006

On 2/7/06, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at gmail.com> wrote:
> > i'll take a look on this after 18:00 ... why not launch it from
> > /etc/xdg/autostart ?
> >
> > That's a freedesktop standard, and in this way you don't need to patch
> > the xinitrc from source.
> That would be an idea, but still you'd need to patch /etc/xdg/autostart
> then.
>  And how do you handle the killing as that was the main issue you mentioned?
> The cleanest way is maybe to make ivman check whether it's already running
> and bail out on subsequent
> invocations. But it may be designed so it can do this explicitely so have
> both a systrem wide and a user
> defined ivman running I don't know. We'll sure fix this for dapper somehow
> :)

here a solution:


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