daniele favara danjele at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 08:00:45 UTC 2006

On 2/3/06, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >
> > gnome widgets .... as probably the others ...
> >
> the widgets are actually provided by gtk :)
> the gnome bits are usually gconf2 usage, gnome_init, gnome_help
> gnomecanvas, and less frequently actual gnome stuff that cannot be
> replaced be gtk or other libs like bonobo/gnome-vfs.
> but yes there are gnome-widgets too as you say like the druid (in gnome-cups
> manager)
> which will only have a gtk equivalent in gtk-2.10 (dapper+1)
> but when gnomecanvas/gnomeui is used there are chances we can get away
> without linking to gnome libs.

yes, but in the glade file there are gnome widgets .... i didn't check
very well if they are just about|help widgets ... but there are.

hal-device-manager has been the first i checked because i already know
the code, what's strange is that it "import gnome" just on the
/usr/bin/hal-manager , in all the others it "try import gnome", but if
it doesn't find the gnome module it gives an error about gnomeui, i
don't know what gnomeui is exactly, as i don't use "gnome-gtk " but it
sounds like a way to initialize the "gnome widgets".

    import gnome.ui

except ImportError:
    gnome_imported = 0
    gnome_imported = 1

the same should be added for "import gnome" and i'll try to figure out
all the errors :).

i think where a gnome-widget is used in the glade file i should try to
write a similar one to use when "if gnome_imported==0" is true. Anyway
the problem seems to be in the glade file ... when the application
loads it ...

i'm going to take a look on the update manager too, and then i try to
write a report about the issues i found.

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