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Colin McDermott colmcd at optusnet.com.au
Thu Feb 2 23:22:38 UTC 2006

daniele favara wrote:
> On 1/31/06, Juan Jose Pablos <juanjo at apertus.es> wrote:
>> Colin McDermott wrote:
>>> Which is why I am such an advocate for rox-filer. There seems to be an
>>> assumption that users want everything to pop up in front of them when it
>>> is plugged in. Perhaps they do....(though this can create
>>> confusion)..But I think the main thing that users want is quick ways to
>>> get around from /home (or their hd/files) to /media (or their cdroms)
>>> and to look at an uncomplicated interface. Rox-filer does this well.
>> I agree about the need of a quick way to get to /media. My only issue
>> with rox-file is the use of ctrl+x to delete files. supr seems more
>> natural today.
> from what you're saying it seems the perfect file manager is thunar
> even for you ...
Okay how would users mount a floppy disk?

> on the letf side pane:
> | - home
> | - file system
> |-----
> | -  bookmark 1
> | -  bookmark 2
> | -  ....
> the user can get guickly /media, for example when a new device has
> been attached the volume manager :
> echo "file:///mount/point" >> $HOME/.gtk-bookmarks
> in this way the user can easly browse all the rw dir.
Also once Items are AUTOMOUNTED how do they get unmounted (In ubuntu you 
right click on the desktop icon *Very difficuld on a Mac* and select 
unmount?) Where in Thunar do you click to unmount a volume? Please think 
about this as Automounters tend to be most frustrating to users when 
they don't realise that a volume has been mounted and they do not know 
how to unmount. With Rox you click into a directory in /mount and you 
unmount it when you close the directory or exit out of it (or via right 
clicking on the icon).
> this is from thunar-dev:
> "On the other hand, while thinking about this again: How about extending
> xfdesktop for 4.4 to support very basic desktop icon functionality
> (display the contents of ~/Desktop) and just invoke methods from the
> org.xfce.FileManager interface? You can use thunar-vfs to determine
> icons, display names, etc. of the files. Of course this would be
> optional and maybe not perfect, but atleast Xfce 4.4 would have basic
> support for desktop icons then. I'll need to think about this again tho,
> just a quick&dirty idea for now."

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