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Manuel Carrasco manuel_carrasco at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Dec 13 15:36:53 UTC 2006


Ufortunately the wm used by lxp is based in icewm but has several
differences needed to support the features required by lxp. Even lxp
team is activally working in submit these differences to official
icewm maintainers, nevertheless the inclusion of each little patch
delays from weeks to months being added.

I think its a better solution to release a lxp-icewm that could
coexist with the actual icewm, the only condition is to rename the
binaries needed (lxp-icewm and lxp-icewm-session instead icewm and
icewm-session). So lxp will have three packages: lxp-icewm (with
dependence on the official icemw-common and icewm packages),
lxp-icewm-themes and lxp-utilities.

There is no problem in maintaining the lxp packages, lxp team will do that.

Now I would know what whould be needed to submit lxp packages to
experimental x-ubuntu repositories, and how to join xubuntu/ubuntu dev
team or you can suggest me to contact with a confidence xubuntu

Let me know what are your thoughts on that?

Thanks for your time


> There were talks even a year ago about including icewm and/or fluxbox on
> the CD as they don't take much space and on some setups even Xfce is
> slow. With fluxbuntu around this does not seem as pressing anymore,
> although there would be clear advantages to having such a derivative
> follow the regular schedule and have packages and iso images available
> from the standard ubuntu servers.
> That said, for this to be done somebody must commit to implement it for
> Xubuntu.
> First and foremost it means having the packages in the archive, ideally
> not as forks of exiting packages such as icewm but enhancements and
> customizations which have a chance getting accepted upstream.
> Secondly having guarantees the packages are well maintained and have no
> alarming security history so they can be put in main and on the CD.
> Third, setting up any metapackages and custom modifications so as a
> default install works as well as possible, with no user tweaking
> (especially config file editing) necessary.
> So I am open to such an addition to the xubuntu CD, but somebody with at
> least universe upload rights needs to be in charge of it and have a step
> by step plan written up first, just like the other feature specs in
> launchpad. Then it can be discussed on this list and development can
> proceed after the parties involved reach an agreement on the feisty goal
> and everyone's role in the process. It may seem a bit bureaucratic but
> otherwise the chances are high that it will only result in a few threads
> of encouragements, ideas about package selection and artwork proposals :)
> thanks
> Jani

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