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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 12:08:12 UTC 2006


> Ufortunately the wm used by lxp is based in icewm but has several
> differences needed to support the features required by lxp. Even lxp
> team is activally working in submit these differences to official
> icewm maintainers, nevertheless the inclusion of each little patch
> delays from weeks to months being added.

but is there an ongoing effort of pushing these bits upstream?

> I think its a better solution to release a lxp-icewm that could
> coexist with the actual icewm, the only condition is to rename the
> binaries needed (lxp-icewm and lxp-icewm-session instead icewm and
> icewm-session). So lxp will have three packages: lxp-icewm (with
> dependence on the official icemw-common and icewm packages),
> lxp-icewm-themes and lxp-utilities.
> There is no problem in maintaining the lxp packages, lxp team will do that.

Is lxp included in any other distribution? How widely is it used and 
deployed, especially compared to iceWM. Is it an established and popular 
fork in that community?

> Now I would know what whould be needed to submit lxp packages to
> experimental x-ubuntu repositories, and how to join xubuntu/ubuntu dev
> team or you can suggest me to contact with a confidence xubuntu
> developer.

The way to submit packages to ubuntu archives is by becoming an ubuntu 
member and then an universe uploader (MOTU).If you had not contributed 
to ubuntu/debian before that will not be easy, so you may have to find 
interested lxp users who are ubuntu contributors. If projects are 
popular enough they tend to get enough push to have someone in ubuntu 
look at them out of personal interest.


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