xubuntuguide.org Update

Brian Lawson brianrlawson at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 2 17:57:01 UTC 2006

Hi all...sorry it has been a while since I emailed (new baby, holidays, etc...you know the drill).  I tried to install MediaWiki for use at the xubuntuguide.org site at the recommendation of this group, but my host doesn't support PHP 5, so no luck there.  I resorted back to TikiWiki and applied the Tikipedia theme which makes it look and work much the same as MediaWiki.  Also, I was able to use Fantastico to auto-install TikiWiki via my host, so staying up to date with the latest versions and patches should be much easier for me this way.  I hope this is an acceptable direction.

As I mentioned before, I'm a grateful user but I'm a far cry from an expert or Admin.  So, I'd like to open up the floor to anyone that would like to contribute, edit, and moderate the xubuntuguide.org site as an Admin.  I think that Adam Miller and Vincent raised their hand before, but if anyone would like to be added just drop me a line at brian -at- blawson -dot- net.  

Again, my hope and vision for the site would be to achieve something similar to ubuntuguide.org (step-by-step tutorials, instructions, and how-tos for configuration and installation of software) but with alternatives suited for the Xubuntu distribution (non-GTK dependent, low resource consumption, etc.).


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