Xubuntu on PPC

john levin john at technolalia.org
Sun Aug 27 12:19:42 UTC 2006

Harold Johnson wrote:
> I attempted to install this distro from the existing Xubuntu (Dapper) 
> installer CDs, but I have only been able to install the distro by 
> installing Breezy server, then upgrading to Dapper server, then 
> installing xubuntu-desktop.  There are probably many other potential PPC 
> users who are unable to use Xubuntu simply because they are having 
> tremendous difficulty installing the distro, so I hope -- and plead with 
> you -- that some development/attention will continue in the area of 
> compatibility with PPC systems (including OldWorld Macs).  Speaking for 
> myself, I really enjoy using Xubuntu, and find that the distro is quite 
> stable and useful as a desktop OS on my PPC-based system.  I've also 
> encountered others -- some who have emailed me, others I've met in IRC 
> channels and discussion lists and such -- who've expressed an interest 
> in installing and using Xubuntu.  Unfortunately, the inability to 
> install Xubuntu (from the CD, using BootX) to many Macs has presented a 
> barrier for many potential users of the distro.
> Using BootX to boot and install is currently the standard method of 
> running Linux on older PPC systems.  This method worked without issue 
> using versions of Ubuntu prior to Dapper.  Again, I am 
> requesting/pleading/hoping against all odds that some Xubuntu (and 
> generally, Ubuntu) developers will look into making this process work 
> again, as it was in the past.  This is in *no way* to insinuate that 
> Xubuntu devs have neglected the platform; indeed, I don't know if anyone 
> expressed an interest, during the past several months of Xubuntu's 
> development, in making distro compatible with these OldWorld Macs, or if 
> any testers were available.  (I should have made myself available.)  In 
> any case, I am hoping my message/request will be considered and taken 
> seriously, and I would be most interested in being able to more easily 
> install Xubuntu, and to help others with getting the distro installed on 
> other OldWorld PowerBook/Power Mac computers.

The same install routines are used by all the Ubuntu variants, so this 
is not a Xubuntu problem specifically. There's a forum thread on it here:
And apparently it's because the SCSI driver is not enabled in the 
kernel. This should have been fixed: have you tried Xubuntu 6.06.1?



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