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Harold Johnson harold.johnson at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 04:02:23 UTC 2006

Hello all Xubuntu developers,

I just want to remind/let all Xubuntu devs know that I use this distro on my
OldWorld Mac, an Apple PowerBook G3 ("Wallstreet").  I've been using Ubuntu
off an on over the past year and a half or so on this 'Book, and Xubuntu off
and on since project was first announced.  I've had it installed since the
Dapper version was officially released, and I use my PowerBook (along with
Xubuntu) every few days, surfing the web (both using a 802.11G wireless card
and ethernet), editing text documents, reading PDFs and other documents,
learning programming, learning Linux/Unix commands, chatting/communicating
using xchat, outlining research using an OPML editor, and various other

I attempted to install this distro from the existing Xubuntu (Dapper)
installer CDs, but I have only been able to install the distro by installing
Breezy server, then upgrading to Dapper server, then installing
xubuntu-desktop.  There are probably many other potential PPC users who are
unable to use Xubuntu simply because they are having tremendous difficulty
installing the distro, so I hope -- and plead with you -- that some
development/attention will continue in the area of compatibility with PPC
systems (including OldWorld Macs).  Speaking for myself, I really enjoy
using Xubuntu, and find that the distro is quite stable and useful as a
desktop OS on my PPC-based system.  I've also encountered others -- some who
have emailed me, others I've met in IRC channels and discussion lists and
such -- who've expressed an interest in installing and using Xubuntu.
Unfortunately, the inability to install Xubuntu (from the CD, using BootX)
to many Macs has presented a barrier for many potential users of the distro.

Using BootX to boot and install is currently the standard method of running
Linux on older PPC systems.  This method worked without issue using versions
of Ubuntu prior to Dapper.  Again, I am requesting/pleading/hoping against
all odds that some Xubuntu (and generally, Ubuntu) developers will look into
making this process work again, as it was in the past.  This is in *no way*
to insinuate that Xubuntu devs have neglected the platform; indeed, I don't
know if anyone expressed an interest, during the past several months of
Xubuntu's development, in making distro compatible with these OldWorld Macs,
or if any testers were available.  (I should have made myself available.)
In any case, I am hoping my message/request will be considered and taken
seriously, and I would be most interested in being able to more easily
install Xubuntu, and to help others with getting the distro installed on
other OldWorld PowerBook/Power Mac computers.

Thanks for you time and consideration.

Appreciative of your efforts,
Harold J. Johnson
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