Xubuntu way to add printer? (was Feedback & Suggestions)

Kam Salisbury kam at salisburyfamily.us
Thu Apr 27 21:24:59 UTC 2006

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   >> Adding a printer from the CUPS web interface fails; the login prompts
   >> for password to authenticate "CUPS" from the Administration/Add Printer
   >> page.
   >> I'm pretty sure I did this with a previous installation by enabling the
   >> root login and/or adding cupsys to the shadow group.  Can't remember
   >> exactly :-(
   >I've done this by enabling root (sudo passwd root)...it'd be nice if
   >it didn't have to be this way though.
   >Michael Moore

The root only CUPS administration issue is partly by security design and partly default configuration. The default security is root only, loopback web access. The default configuration is blank or rather, no printers installed.

An option for Xubuntu would be to implement a default configuration. This would have its own series of issues because of the potential security changes.

Maybe the better choice is to select a printer configuration utility (non-gnome/KDE) and the document its use in a quick-start type of guide.

Kam Salisbury

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