Can we switch default panel item order?

Vincent imnotb at
Thu Apr 27 16:35:20 UTC 2006

Autohide can get annoying, e.g. when I want to click the Close Window
button, I would get the panel in front of it. Isn't there an option to make
sure it only appears when you're really pushing the mouse against the edge,
and not when you're in the neighbourhood of it?

On 22/04/06, Oblio <apa_chioara at> wrote:
> I mostly agree. I hate having wasted screen space, especially on a
> 1024x800 (or smaller) screen. If I used the desktop-click menus more,
> I'd be more of a fan of a non-maximized bottom bar. By leaving a small
> square or so of desktop visible in the bottom right corner, I would
> always be able to access the right-click desktop menu easily.
> Make the panel autohide ;) Solves your problem.
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