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j Mak joz_mak at yahoo.ca
Thu Apr 27 13:49:18 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at gmail.com> wrote: Hello

as you may see, suspend and hibernate have the same icon as shutdown in the current logout dialog.

We need two distinct images for these actions. The 3 existing ones are in 

We can 
1) add two in the same style
2) use the buttons from the gnome dialog, 
but it is out of sync with the rest of our theme
3) make 5 new buttons matching our default artwork

whichever is fine by me as long as the two power mgmt actions get distinct icons

                                        I like the gnome icons, except the Lock screen which is ubuntuish. But the rest can go with any desktop. If I could find the source file of the Lock screen icon I could redo it to reflect our wallpaper rather than ubuntu's. I might enquire at the ubuntu-art forum if we decide to use them.
    J. Mak
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