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Wed Apr 26 14:18:40 UTC 2006

On 4/26/06, Joeb <jmbraddock at> wrote:
> I'm a big fan of Ubuntu and XFCE and stumbled upon Xubuntu.  I really like
> what I see!  I was wondering whether Xubuntu will have the ability to
> automatically check for updates like Ubuntu does?  Right now, I manually
> have to click on the update manager.  While it's not a big deal,  it seems
> like a nice feature to have that icon in a system tray somewhere saying
> there are updates available.

you can install update-notifier, but it was not included in default install
as it depends on gnome libraries whichs is against our stated goal. It could
be made to work w/o gnome Iguess with some effort but there are things of
higher priority to take care of now.

Also, I noticed that this seems to be the only active list and it is a
> developer's list.  Where does one post questions that might not really be
> developer oriented but more user/support oriented?

just use this list, there are still relatively few users I think to warrant
a new list. I hope people are not afraid to ask just because the list is
called devel :)

Again, it's looking really good!

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