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Sun Apr 23 08:14:39 UTC 2006

On 4/23/06, j Mak <joz_mak at> wrote:
>  Hi Jani,
>  I am suggesting to incorporate the xubuntu logo into the xubuntu
> installer like the kubuntu people did. (By the way, fedora too implemented
> their own custom made artworks into the installer)
>  Look at:
>  I think this would give a more professional and more unified look and
> feel to xubuntu. The ubuntu installer doesn't include the logo; I don't know
> they will add it later or will leave it like this. But I think we should
> take clues from the kubuntu artists because, in my view, they have better
> ideas of creating a professional look and feel for a desktop than the ubuntu
> people.

As soon as the more important part of the artwork are settled I'll look into
this. It may be that the gtk frontend does not have the logo code
implemented in which case I am not sure I want to spend time on that. The qt
frontend was witten specifically for kubuntu that's why they
could go that way. But I agree it looks nice.

Regarding the result of the poll. Now that the art community has spoken,
> take the theme that has received the most vote, as default and package the
> others as options. And start implementing the artworks into the next
> beta release so that it will be as sleek as the other siblings when it comes
> out.

Ok, for this I need for each entry a complete gdm theme description as is
found for the current one in xubuntu-default-settings, with login dialog xml
theme file etc.Same for the wallpapers I need the final size image.

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