Can we switch default panel item order?

Michael Moore stuporglue at
Fri Apr 21 18:56:03 UTC 2006

> That's what upstream uses actually. What I don't like about it is that the
> extra space on the sides is really
> not used in most of the cases,

I mostly agree. I hate having wasted screen space, especially on a
1024x800 (or smaller) screen. If I used the desktop-click menus more,
I'd be more of a fan of a non-maximized bottom bar. By leaving a small
square or so of desktop visible in the bottom right corner, I would
always be able to access the right-click desktop menu easily.

That's what I do in fluxbox, when I'm using it. In Xubuntu though, I
have shortcut icons in the top menu bar for my most used programs, so
it's not really a big deal.

> and more importantly you cannot get as fast
> to either of the sides of the panel
> with the mouse as if it were screen corners.

Since the menu in the top-left is so good, I don't think leaving
desktop always exposed is really needed. If that's the case, then
having the menu bar go 100% wide does make it easier to hit the
corners of it.

Michael Moore
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