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Stefan vstefu at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 06:15:33 UTC 2006

the Gnome to IceWM migration was achieved using a python script I found on
the net... that worked pretty well... don't really have the link handy

As for xubuntu being ever so slightly better than ubuntu with icewm...
maybe... but not really... not in my case anyway. It's true that most
distros are pretty heavy, and lighter ones are really customized and start
off life from something else than a heavy distro... but... where does
xubuntu fit?

Is xubuntu a light distro? I should say not. Is xubuntu an ubuntu with xfce
? Well, why not simply install ubuntu and xfce through synaptic? True,
xubuntu tries not to depend on gnome... but still... in my real life
situation, I'd go for the latest dapper flight with icewm any day over
xubuntu - even if just for performance reasons (though I like icewm better
than xfce)

Basically this was my point... what's the purpose of xubuntu, its reason for

So far, that Celeron is still runing Feather Light, and with very very good
results... the system boots faster than my P4 powered XP box, and it's as
responsive as a Celeron could be. I don't reckon I'll be changing it any
time soon.
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