xubuntu, ubuntu and others.... (rather long message :D)

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 20:02:49 UTC 2006


IceWM was considered as an additional wm to install but nobody has stepped
up to support and work on in during dapper.
Maybe for dapper+1 it will be available (same with fluxbox) if there are
people willing to work on it.
You are right that most lightweight distros are lighter then xubuntu, but
this is the most that can be reasonably be achieved at this point
considering that we are based on ubuntu. Distros with the specific aim of
being lightweight and having the freedom to do many more things
to achieve this, will naturally be a better fit for old hw. Such things
include  compiling the distro with specific optimizations, including tweaked
packages, throwing out functionality which is unlikely to be needed etc. So
there is a trade off between using something which is fast today
on a 486 if it was fast 10 years ago on the same hw and having a distro with
good maintenance and support such as ubuntu can provide.
It is indeed sad that mainstream software today is no more responsive than
it was 10 years ago despite the advances in hw, but the performance
penalties are spread over the whole stack and the existing hot spots are
either hard to find or hard to fix. And this is a more boring job than
adding features
so the trend is to use up all the resources the hw has to offer :(

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