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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Apr 20 05:50:18 UTC 2006

Hi Jozsef,

Hi Jani,
> Frankly, I don't see much sense in Vincent suggestion. I just don't
> understand why people want to over-complicate this theme matter.  Every
> distro, ubuntu, kubuntu, fedora,

the main reason I agreed with Vincent's suggestion, and myself proposing
just a  color difference between the artworks is that  I wanted to make
sure  the defaults we will choose will please most people. And since we did
not yet decide on final gdm greeter/wallpaper I thought they may change
after the color is chosen. But I think I make too big an issue out of it
indeed :)

> I have a simple solution. Invite the art team from the art-mailing list
> and ask them to help to pick one from the available themes, or suggest other
> colors if they have better ideas. Problem solved.

If you are on the art-team list can you ask them please? I'm inclined to ask
you to handle all this art related stuff including the poll and the final
tweaks and decision if you are interested and have time. If not then the new
deadline for touching up existing themes and adding new ones is Monday
morning UTC. The we vote for two days and be done with all this :)
I am just reluctant to open a poll now with entries that are incomplete or
diferring too much (esp usplashes).

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