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On 4/19/06, Vincent <imnotb at> wrote: I'd go for a semi-transparent background image, just as some Xfce default ones, and set the colour theme to the one chosen. Then we could have a separate poll for the background image, and this poll wouldn't be influenced by that. 

yes, either that or some other neutral artwork, with emphasis on the color only. Jozsef, Luzi do you think this is possible or are you fo oppinion the colors by themselves are not 
expressive enough?
I'd say that deciding the color is the most important as then all other artwork needss to be adapted to it. (gtk themes, maybe icons)


Hi Jani,

Frankly, I don't see much sense in Vincent suggestion. I just don't understand why people want to over-complicate this theme matter.  Every distro, ubuntu, kubuntu, fedora, suse and so on, could find a simple solution to their artworks, why should then we go about choosing this complicated way. If someone doesn't like the default, whatever it will be, fine create one for himself. That's what I do after installing ubuntu,  I replace the brown theme with my own custom made stuff, because I don't like brown. 
And by the way, let's don't rely on xfce solutions because this distro has the most mediocre artworks among all the distributions. Instead, take ideas from Macintosh or KDE artworks because they are at least superb. 
I have a simple solution. Invite the art team from the art-mailing list and ask them to help to pick one from the available themes, or suggest other colors if they have better ideas. Problem solved. 

J. Mak

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