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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Thu Apr 20 05:35:10 UTC 2006

> i need some help here, because i have no clue about packaging debs... :o(
> i understand that you would like me to do this:
> * put the debian/ dir into the xubuntu dir in svn, as:
> ubuntu-doc/xubuntu/debian/

right. that dir you get using
$apt-get  source  xubuntu-docs
which will download and unpack the source package.
inside the unpackaged dir issue
$debuild -us -uc
and you'll get the binary package (.deb file) similar to what
is generated on the build servers and in the archive.
you have to have the devsrcipts ipackage installed for debuild

*change the Makefile so that this gets copied to:
> ubuntu-doc/build/xubuntu/debian

no, debian should just remain in svn. The reason for the debian dir to be
there is, that if you change the
layout of the doc, either of the source or the resulted build you can adjust
the debian/rules files
in the same step. That is the makefile that drives the package build.

Actually the debian source package contains not the contents of the build
dir, but the svn sources.
So debian/ + svn source docs map 1:1 to the debian source package.
And with a svn export libs, common, xubuntu, debian  to a new dir you
essentially get the layout
of the xubuntu-docs package in which you can try debuild -us -uc to see if
you're ok with the resulting
layout which is generated in  debian/xubuntu-docs.

> the workflow for working on documentation would then be:
> * edit files in:
> ubuntu-doc/xubuntu/desktopguide/...
> *run Makefile
> *make the deb

yes. no need to install, as seen above

Then you and other docteam members essentially have control over where the
final docs will be put, and I (or someone else) will only have
to upload so it's less disconnect :)

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