doc package in svn

Luzi Thoeny lucius.antonius at
Wed Apr 19 21:23:03 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses wrote:
> Hi Luzi
> what do you say of keeping the debian/ directory of xubuntu-docs in svn just
> like k/ubuntu so
> you could always check the final layout of the docs when installed. It takes
> a bit more work then now
> that's tru but at least we don't get out of sync packaging vs svn,
> especially since thing will get more complicated
> with translations in the next weeks
> If you agree, you can just commit that dir to svn
> Jani
i need some help here, because i have no clue about packaging debs... :o(

i understand that you would like me to do this:

* put the debian/ dir into the xubuntu dir in svn, as:

*change the Makefile so that this gets copied to:

-> deb can be created from this

the workflow for working on documentation would then be:

* edit files in:

*run Makefile

*make the deb

*install deb

* check changes in:

is this right at all?

my next question is: where do i get the debian/ dir? do i extract it 
from the current xubuntu-docs.deb or what?

i still have lots to learn, it seems :o)


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