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Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote: 
    The new dapper usplash doesn't seem to have a shadow any longer.  
    Look at the new kubuntu usplash:

ah good, thanks. 

 The ubuntu usplash still isn't ready, but I expect it will follow the same trend.
     Regarding the second part of your suggestions. That would be a bad idea to pick different artworks with different styles and try matching them up because this would  result a horrible visual patchwork. Each theme carries its own intrinsic style and you cannot build a desktop by picking and choosing from incompatible elements and expecting to end up with a consistent look and feel. Pick one theme or the other. 

I agree it needs to be consistent, it's just that for example I do not see much difference between your second and Luzi's proposal as far as the colours in the logo are concerned. But the two wallpapers are so distinct that I'd probably vote based on that instead of the actual colors, I hope I am making sense and the fact I see no difference does not mean there is none ;) 

So what I hoped is we select a colour theme and then various proposals can be made on what to actually draw using those colors :).
For ex I like luzi's logo and you 2nd wallpaper. however they not being in the same 'theme' cannot be voted on together ;) 
And others seem to be in similar situation


                                        If you compare small artworks the colors doesn't seem too be too distinct, but in terms of their overall effect, they make a big difference. Gray and the Tango aluminium color scheme, for instance, produce two totally different impact. Create two adjacent large squares, large enough to cover the entire screen. Paint the left with one color and the right with the one you feel to be similar to the first. This way you can see better the differences between the subtle colors.
    Finding the right steel color, for instance,  is very hard if you don't have visual aids. The ones, I used in the artworks, I generated with a professional color scheme generator. It might seem trivial but small varieties can make a big difference.
    J. Mak

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