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Mon Apr 17 17:39:55 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote: Hi,

seems like we got all the propositions for the new color.
Since the original blue one has no artwork attached besides the logo  I assume only the 
other 3 are to enter the competition. They are very alike so it does not seem like an easy choice.
The usplash should have a shadow reflection like the other ubuntus have and the logo smaller (like in Jozsef's image) 
The login screens/wallpapers are different so we are not only picking between color but other elemets too.

So do we actually pick between the existring color schemes and finalize the artwork after choosing one of the 4(3?) 
entries? Since the differences between the candidates are not just color shades only it is likely one could say I like logo
from 2 wallpaper from 3 and gdm splash from 4.

    The new dapper usplash doesn't seem to have a shadow any longer. 
    Look at the new kubuntu usplash:
    The ubuntu usplash still isn't ready, but I expect it will follow the same trend.
    Regarding the second part of your suggestions. That would be a bad idea to pick different artworks with different styles and try matching them up because this would result a horrible visual patchwork. Each theme carries its own intrinsic style and you cannot build a desktop by picking and choosing from incompatible elements and expecting to end up with a consistent look and feel. Pick one theme or the other.
    J. Mak
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