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paul paul at
Sat Apr 15 11:10:16 UTC 2006

daniele favara wrote:
> during a meeting we discussed if to include a mail client or not ..
> but we didn't decided anything definitive ...
> <hob> Hi. My mother's finally decided to upgrade from Windows ME. I
> was thinking of trying her on xubuntu, but she only hs a 400Mhz
> Celeron 164mb ram. Is this enough?
> <nomed> sure
> <hob> nomed, great, I'll get her on that. She only needs firefox,
> thunderbird and abiword...
> <nomed> hob, you'll need to apt-get install thunderbird
> <hob> nomed, yeah, found that one out for myself. What is going to be
> the email client for xubuntu?
> will xubuntu have a default mail client ?
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Being the 'hob' from the transcript, my vote's for thunderbird :)

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