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 Hi Jani,

Regarding the artworks, I would like to draw your attention to the Gimp splash, since it seems to be part of the default applications. The current one is just a snapshot made by developers and used for the development version of the app The official splash uses a template with the gimp logo and the version number. This is what ubuntu and edubuntu use too. I got the template and I created a customized gimp splash for xubuntu that I am  already using on my own install. In my view xubuntu should uses this template just for the sake of consistency. 
By the way, whoever wants to create an official gimp splash just send me an email and I send the template. 
Other questions. What kind of blues do you intend to use? The ones on the xubuntulooks page are the chosen ones? Or that still can change. 

J. Mak

Hi Jozsef,

I wasn't aware gimp's splash is modified by Ubuntu. You mean the default gimp install is in some way overriden by Ubuntu? I have ubuntu-desktop installed too and did not notice this 

Regarding blue: I was thinking of the original logo's colors but they can change as well since we are voting on the color theme.
Seeing nobody yet proposed the existing logo in non-blue variants we may just settle on this with possible small alterations. Feel free to propose another color scheme for the logo. 


                                Now, that I am writing these lines the ubuntu art list has just started an another gimp splash contest. I don't know what comes out of it because the entire project is pretty chaotic. In a nutshell, they want to use the gimp breezy splash because that one is brownish which goes better with ubuntu's brown desktop. If that will be the final, perhaps we should re-color it to whatever the final color for xubuntu will be decided upon.    
    Regarding colors. I like blue. But since it is not decided yet, I would like to suggest as an alternative Tango's aluminium color scheme. I have some stuff already created in this colors and will upload them during the weekend just to see how distinctive this color scheme looks as a desktop theme. 
    J. Mak

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