docu patches

Luzi Thoeny lucius.antonius at
Fri Apr 7 14:03:54 UTC 2006

Jerome Gotangco wrote:
> I'm strongly against this. Patches to documentation should still be
> sent to -doc since others can commit the patches as needed. We don't
> just commit patches without reviewing. Patch contributors are also
> potential documentation team members so let's not limit it here.
> Jerome

OK, I see what you mean. 

I was assuming that
    a) most people on xubuntu-devel would probably like to know what's 
going on with the documentation, but are maybe not on ubuntu-doc
    b) most people on ubuntu-doc would not really care about Xubuntu 

I guess I was wrong on b), and I don't actually know about a). However 
that may be, I have no problem at all with Jani's proposal: use 
ubuntu-doc in general, xubuntu-devel for minor things, mirror patches 
sent to xubuntu-devel to ubuntu-doc. Is everyone fine with that?


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