Conflict with gtkrc-2.0 from Kubuntu

Liz Young liz at
Sat Apr 1 18:40:13 UTC 2006

crimsun at wrote:

>Relevant points here:
>1) Can't touch user's $HOME in any maintainer scripts
>2) gtk2-engines-gtk-qt is known to break Xfce once ~/.gtkrc-2.0 exists
>#2 is the critical point. Of course we can leave gtk2-engines-gtk-qt
>well enough alone on _any_ invocation of installing xubuntu-desktop,
>but our hands are tied as to how to eradicate ~/.gtkrc-2.0 .

I can't find what sets this in my environment when I run startxfce4 (I 
stopped gdm/kdm to test):


Is it hard coded? Maybe we can unset it or point to a less broken file 
than the one created by gtk-qt?


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