Matt Price matt.price at
Wed Oct 12 17:55:32 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 08:50 +0300, Jani Monoses wrote:
> Hi
> sorry there are no CD images yet, and there will probably be only
> after breezy releases.
> I am not sure about this, but will have to ask the canonical folks
> after they release and are no
> longer busy.
> Jani

Thanks for the help Jani.

I am actually getting to be ok at building ubuntu install cd's now, so I
could probably build one on my own -- all I would need would be an
exhaustive (recursive?) list of xubuntu-desktop's dependencies (and
maybe also the dependencies of "suggested" & "recommended" packages).
Is there a straightforward way to get this, preferably in a form that
can be passed to xargs?  apt-cache depends seems to show only the
immediate dependencies, not the dependencies of dependencies...  

Anyone, if anyone know how  to do this I can start playing around with
building xubuntu cd's...


> On 10/12/05, Matt Price <matt.price at> wrote:
>         Hi there,
>         just wondering whether there were any cd's available as yet --
>         am
>         installing ubuntu on a bunch of low-end machines this week, no
>         network
>         connection, and would love even a xubuntu preview if one
>         existed 
>         somewhere (I have various other ubuntu flavours, so jigdo'ing
>         it down
>         shouldn't be too big a burden)...
>         anyway thanks,
>         Matt
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