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Dott. Giovanni Bonenti gbonenti at missive.it
Wed Oct 12 06:51:04 UTC 2005

Oblio disse:
> We should use rox for desktop too. 4.4 is >4 months
> away it seems, and desktop icons are a must for
> beginners. I know it fights over the desktop with
> xfdesktop - but then, why not xffm4.3.1 - it's stable,
> and it comes with desktop icons. Plus that it can
> access SAMBA, and a *lot* of people use that.

I agree.
Rox is fine and very responsive (I use ite since the beginning of 2004 on
XFCE), but it doesn't use the standard /Desktop directory, and it's
configuration is not difficult but a bit tricky.
If xffm does support to desktop icons and respects the Freedesktop
standards, I think that it must be the choice of preference.



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