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On Tue, 11 Oct 2005 11:22:01 +0300
Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at gmail.com> wrote:

> Is there a consensus here that rox-filer will be preferred over xffm?

I think for now rox would be a good choice but once Xfce-4.4 is
released we may want to reconsider things. I know Edscott (the xffm
developer) has been working very hard at improving xffm and splitting
the various incarnations of xffm into individual applications. The
alternative filemanager, Thunar, is looking very nice as well.

> > After installing it (it requires dbus, hal and pmount), first run
> > it as root (sudo ivman), then run another instance of it as your
> > normal user.
> I noticed that, and Riddell commited a fix for the depends so now
> those are automatically brought in.
> Also I just ran it as ivman -s --nofork & as user but system wide.

Does that mean it has the suid-bit set?
> started. I don't know what the debian way is to do that. Perhaps a
> > xubuntu-volume-manager package that puts a tiny script
> > in /etc/init.d and links in rc.S etc?
> >
> Once we decide how to autostart X we'll now this. I have just fixed
> xdm since it is broken in universe
> but I did not look into how to make it less ugly and integrate it
> with xfce sessions etc.
> I will upload the fix today so others can start playing with xdm.


> BTW everybody please upgrade and see if the usplash works (and if you
> like it) and if sound works (You need to start with startxfce4 not
> startx) After dist-upgrade sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname
> -r` to build a new initramfs with the changed usplash included in it.
Well, the logo looks a bit clunky and it's missing the progress bar but
besides that, the boot messages are much more readable than with the
'stock' Ubuntu Usplash or the Edubuntu Usplash. That alone is a vast
improvment! Overall though it looks good.

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