Xubuntu meta package

Oblio apa_chioara at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 10 17:44:55 UTC 2005

I examined the Xubuntu metapackage in Breezy. It looks
good - nice work Janimo!

I do have some things to point out though: 
1) Sylpheed-gtk2 instead of Sylpheed (because
Sylpheed-gtk2 is gone in Breezy, Sylpheed-claws-gtk2
should be the way to go). GTK2 is much nicer than 1,
and the performance hit I feel is not that severe.
2) Some Xfce goodies should be recommended (aptitude
picks them up anyway), not dependencies. Examples:
xfce4-toys, xfce4-trigger-launcher,...
3) Maybe some more packages - at least suggested, from
XubuntuProposedPackages. Perhaps gFTP, GIMV.

Otherwise, everything looks good.
Keep up the good work Jani!

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