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Fri Oct 7 22:31:43 UTC 2005

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On Fri, 07 Oct 2005 19:26:24 +0200
"Dott. Giovanni Bonenti" <gbonenti at missive.it> wrote:

> Exactly. on my XFCE I set the taskbar on the panel to display only
> icons, and the default taskbar to display Icons and comments (Gnome
> way). This way I don't need to kill the default taskbar.

Personal preferences vary from one person to the next.
> I tried the panel-menu plugin, it's interesting but quite unstable (it
> crashed twice my panel).

I guess I didn't use it long enough for it to do that. =)
> I've made some tests with wdm: it starts in about 15 seconds on my
> laptop (pentium II 300, with 256 megs of RAM), faster than any GDM.
> It lacks an user-friendly configuration tool, but with the man pages
> setting the background and the logo editing the configuration file is
> very simple.
> There is a bug in the start script in /etc/init.d that searches the
> executable files in the directory /usr/bin/X11 instead that in the
> directory /usr/X11R6/bin: I solved with 2 symlinks in the first
> directory, then all was fully functional.

I'll find out how it works for me as soon as Azureus finishes up with a
download. I chose to edit the init file changing the path to wdm and
adding /usr/X11R6/[s]bin to the path statement. I also did the same for
wdmLogin in the config files (/etc/X11/wdm/[wdn-config|wdm.options]) I
hope it works :-D


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