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Myles Green rmg57 at telus.net
Fri Oct 7 14:59:14 UTC 2005

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On Fri, 7 Oct 2005 17:34:25 +0300
Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at gmail.com> wrote:

> > He's refering to the taskbar plugin. I agree that both it and the
> > show desktop plugins are quite usefull. Oh, and the weather plugin
> > too.
> I couldn't find it because it wasn't installed. I added the rest of
> plugin packages to xubuntu-desktop now.
> Indeed the panel stretching feature is very nice! Also the panel-menu
> plugin is interesting as well.

Is that the "winxp" style menu? It does look interesting, never tried
it for very long though. In Xfce-4.4 there is a panel "filler" plugin
to expand the panel w/o having to kill off xftaskbar and use the
taskbar plugin... that _was_ in the svn version at any rate (before
they changed to the "new" panel)

> As for the weather plugin I am not sure about including that in the
> default as it acesses the network.

And so does a web browser and an email client and an ftp client and a
bittorrent application and... well, you get my point ;-)

BTW, thanks for all your time spent on this project.

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