Display Manager and possible bugs

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 12:22:31 UTC 2005

> Perhaps setting the Gnome services to run on the startup by default could
> be the solution.

by default I'd like to avoid starting gnome services if possible ...

In my past installation I used a trick: I've put a link to
> /usr/bin/polypaudio (that I was using as a sound daemon) in the directory
> /home/myuser/Desktop/Autostart (same trick to activate rox pinboard).

... and solve this in a system-wide way so users only tweak their Autostart
other stuff.I put esd in /etc/xdg/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc but it
didn't start
I'll need to look at it again.

> I knew that document, but it refers to the GDM gtk-greeter that, imho,
> does suck.
> Today afternoon I'm gonna make some tests about wdm and gdm (with graphc
> greeter) then I'll report to the list.


I installe xubuntu desktop yesterday and the terminal was there in the
> panel, with the broken link that I reported :) (the sources were from
> wednesday).

Are you sure it's not in your ~/.config settings? In hoary I think we had
that indeed.

I suggest also installing the plugin that allows to set the window list on
> the panel, because allows also to enlarge the panel to fit the width of
> the screen.
> With this plugin we could build a desktop interface that is very similar
> to standard Ubuntu's Gnome interface.

what is that plugin called? Looking in the plugins I could not find
something similar. But I found 'show desktop' which may be good by deafault
too?What do others think? It's in gnome too.

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