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Sat Oct 1 06:54:19 UTC 2005

On 10/1/05, Steve <radarsat1 at> wrote:
> hm, replying to my own mail again..
> i just checked out mousepad and terminal. they're both quite nice
> actually. since this is supposed to be an XFCE-centric distro, and
> not just a "my favorite apps" distro, and since these were written
> specifically for xfce, maybe we should include and default to them
> both.
> Am I right in assuming that the point here is mostly to show off the
> capabilities of XFCE, rather than just providing a nice collection of
> tools? Because of course users who know of other software can just
> kick up synaptic and install whatever they want anyways. What we're
> really discussing here is the *defaults*, and which packages to
> include on the live cd. Right? So I suppose they should be mostly
> xfce-related..

Yes they should be xfce-related
But the point is not showing off xfce in detriment of a nice collection of
tools, if we find something more appropriate for editor/terimal/media than
the current ones we should use those. But since the former were written by
xfce developers I assume we will hardly find better ones.
I used to use multi-gnome-terminal which is a gtk1.2 gnome1 app and seems
light enough, so if it turns out to be lighter than xfce4-terminal it would
be ok.
But the terminal app is the least controversial since thos who use the cmd
line can easily chose their preferred one.
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