Steve radarsat1 at
Sat Oct 1 04:23:27 UTC 2005

hm, replying to my own mail again..

i just checked out mousepad and terminal.  they're both quite nice
actually.  since this is supposed to be an XFCE-centric distro, and
not just a "my favorite apps" distro, and since these were written
specifically for xfce, maybe we should include and default to them

Am I right in assuming that the point here is mostly to show off the
capabilities of XFCE, rather than just providing a nice collection of
tools?  Because of course users who know of other software can just
kick up synaptic and install whatever they want anyways.  What we're
really discussing here is the *defaults*, and which packages to
include on the live cd.  Right?  So I suppose they should be mostly


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