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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 08:10:10 UTC 2005

> My real concern is that I don't know what the "goal" of Xubuntu is, to
> tell me what it should become.

I feel your concern. Maybe we should decide on a clearer goal than
ubuntu+xfce I guess.

My personal desire is to get an easy to use, lightweight workstation
> for programmers and system administrators.

Mine is lightweight workstation for people using older hardware - i.eschools,
internet cafes etc. where legacy hw predominates and kde/gnome linux distros
cannot really compete with win98 and the likes here. It's still tough to do
it with
xubuntu too since 2.6 kernels and the associated userspace stack, xorg, gtk
are all pretty demanding. I am thinking P2-128Mb-ish hw should be very
with xubuntu, so that is a sort of informal target of mine. I think the idea
of an edubuntu variant
using xfce has been thrown around as well but before that becomes feasible
we have
to make xubuntu stand on it's own.

> thunar
> Xffm has been broken up into distinct units. Perhaps, if we settle on
> one file manager, only those non-FM components of Xffm could be
> included.
> In other words, Thunar is the file manager, and Xffm provides a
> filesystem search tool, a patch manager, and the like.

My thought too, the only concern would be not to annoy the xffm userbase,
I have no idea how large is. It would help if xfce upstream designated
thunar as _the_
file manager. Admittedly all of those who had written to this list were
excited about thunar
and noone raved about xffm IIRC, but maybe they're just shy :)

> xfburn(instead of graveman)
> I don't know that any work has gone into Xfburn since it's initial
> import into SVN. Might be a good question to ask, since it's shaping
> up to be very very nice.

Again this is a tentative goal, we depend on upstream. Ideally, resources
and skills allowing
we should collaborate with xfce also on development issues.

> 3) Volume manager
> > right now ivman seems the most likely candidate. As kubuntu will not use
> it
> > starting with kde 3.5 we may tweak it
> > for our use in the default install. I remember somebody trying to write
> a
> > volume manager for xfce4 but I am not sure
> > what the status of that is.
> I think Ivman is the best bet, though if someone were to build a nice
> GUI around it I wouldn't object. Perhaps I can look into that, though
> I'm not likely to have enough time, since I'm trying to move Mousepad
> along once again.

Ok just don't make a gedit out of it ;)

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