xubuntu dapper plans

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 13:40:44 UTC 2005


I guess it is time to write something about what I think we need working on
in the near future.
It is also a request for feedback, so please point out what you think should
be done/prioritized differently.

It is not about breezy CDs yet as I have to see how much effort building and
publishing a CD is
and how important this would be for users. Maybe if dapper daylies start
rolling they could be basically
equivalent to breezy as we'd still have 4.2.2 and the rest of the system not
too broken :)

In no particular order then some tasks that need to be done

1) Noteworthy new packages:
xfburn(instead of graveman)
a doc viewer (probably evince hacked)
a display manager(gdm hacked)

for the first ones we will use what the debian xfce packagers build, for the
two hacks since upstream will probbaly not
want them we will have them as xubuntu specific packages maintained by us.

2) Sound
dropping esd as default and going with alsa as ubuntu, so we can help fixing
the remaining alsa bugs.

3) Volume manager
right now ivman seems the most likely candidate. As kubuntu will not use it
starting with kde 3.5 we may tweak it
for our use in the default install. I remember somebody trying to write a
volume manager for xfce4 but I am not sure
what the status of that is.

4) Printing
I still don't know if there's a decent setup program so there's no need for
correct cups config
or using gnome-print-manager

5) Related to Cd building I'll start looking at it for dapper and if it is
reasonable consider it for breezy too.

6) Artwork: we'll need to have multiple proposals and get the users to vote
on their favourite works for
logo, wallpaper etc. Thinking of ubuntu specific touches.

7) Some people were interested in helping out with documentation so there
needs to be a plan for shipping
quality docs just like ubuntu and kubuntu presumably do already.

8)Translators to collaborate with xfce4-i18n upstream and see which is the
best way to help out, and whether rosetta
can get in the picture

If there are people interested in any specific subjects please take them and
start working/coordinating on them

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