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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 19:31:33 UTC 2005

On 12/19/05, s michel <dalani at lycos.com> wrote:
> I'm glad to hear someone is using it on a slow computer. My whole interest
> in Xubuntu is because I still use a PentiumII at home with gnome Ubuntu. To
> gain speed I downloaded the Xfce4 package manualy with Ubuntu package update
> in 5.04 and been tracking progess on the Xubuntu development. I would like
> now to know how 1/ To get Xubuntu? and 2/ How with Xfce4 on 5.04 I can
> activate it as default GUI and if downloaded the ISO CD install is
> necessary? Ie. If older deployed Ubuntu desktop can benefit from Xubuntu
> without having to re-install the whole OS (imagine a 50 copmputer LAN with
> older Ubuntu versions!!)

If you are using 5.04 (Hoary) there's no xubuntu-desktop metapackage so you
should just install xfce4.
Older Ubuntu installs could benefit from xubuntu-desktop (if I understand
correctly what you mean) if it were backported.
The package itself is just a meta-package so building it shouldn't be a
problem, but you may have to contact the backports team. I do not know what
the status of backports is for hoary.
The other benefits of xubuntu stem from using newer xfce packages and apps
and eventually some polish so this may not be as easy to replicate on hoary.

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