Hello, using Xubuntu

Michael Moore stuporglue at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 16:53:55 UTC 2005

> Hi Michael,
> thanks for the feedback, feel free to suggest areas where xubuntu can be
> improved besides what is already planned and written up in the wiki.

Some sort of control panel for changing passwords and other settings
would be nice, especially  for new users. I don't think I saw this in
the wiki. This week I started playing with a simple bash script to
fill the role. http://stuporglue.org/downloads/prefs It's mostly just
proof of concept at the moment. For a new user even just bringing a
network connection back up, or setting the time and date can be pretty

Something with more of a GUI would be nicer, but my programming skills
aren't quite good enough yet, and I don't have time to learn how to
use GTK at the moment.

> What is the slowest machine on which xubuntu is still usable?

I've had it on a 200 MHz AMD, with 64 Mb of RAM. With this system,
Xfce performance was still acceptable. Not terrific,but good enough.
The real problem was that launching Firefox would take almost a
minute, and if I ran more than one program (ie. Firefox and GAIM and
Abiword) then it would have to go to swap every time I switched
programs. If I just ran one program and kept that one selected, it'd
work fine. Even Firefox worked alright as long as I didn't have
anything else going.

Michael Moore
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