Basic functionality looks good, but work is needed

grumpy mole grumpymole at
Mon Dec 5 10:21:03 UTC 2005

 From my observations, and also Brian's, it appears that the corruption 
only happens in the panels and othere Xfce parts.

My gdm login screen is perfect and so is my gaim window.  The contents 
of any xfce windows are fine, but the toolbars are not.  For example, 
XChat, the message pane is perfect, but the tabs at th bottom are corrupt.

It was working fine for a while under dapper.

I also tried changing my driver between vesa and neomagic, but the 
corruption is the same.



Jani Monoses wrote:

> On 12/3/05, *Jani Monoses* <jani.monoses at 
> <mailto:jani.monoses at>> wrote:
>         Jani,
>         A current screenshot of my laptop is here:
>     This looks familiar. I got such artifacts when using the vesa X
>     driver instead of ati.
> on dapper with xorg 7.0 RC2 which may be the cause of the bug.I don't 
> know if vesa behaved the same on
> stable <> in breezy.
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