[ubuntu/xenial-updates] cloud-init 0.7.9-153-g16a7302f-0ubuntu1~16.04.2 (Accepted)

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at canonical.com
Thu Jun 29 21:49:07 UTC 2017

cloud-init (0.7.9-153-g16a7302f-0ubuntu1~16.04.2) xenial-proposed; urgency=medium

  * debian/patches/ds-identify-behavior-xenial.patch: refresh patch.
  * cherry-pick 5fb49bac: azure: identify platform by well known value
    in chassis asset (LP: #1693939)
  * cherry-pick 003c6678: net: remove systemd link file writing from eni
  * cherry-pick 1cd4323b: azure: remove accidental duplicate line in
  * cherry-pick ebc9ecbc: Azure: Add network-config, Refactor net layer
    to handle duplicate macs. (LP: #1690430)
  * cherry-pick 11121fe4: systemd: make cloud-final.service run before
    apt daily (LP: #1693361)

Date: 2017-06-29 03:08:11.035503+00:00
Changed-By: Scott Moser <smoser at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Steve Langasek <steve.langasek at canonical.com>
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